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Service at this level requires a combination of technical expertise, quality customer service, resources, the right partners, the best staff and a welcoming facility.

Our Team is Built with
Recognized Industry Leaders

With numerous years of experience, our escrow and title officers are among the best and most experienced in their fields

Proven Expertise

Respected Reputation

Industry Leaders

Welcoming Facilities

Top Reasons To Choose Capstone Title

Local Ownership & Production

Money earned  and spent here, stays here in the local community. Our Associates have extensive local market knowledge and expertise in the title and closing industry. Our local ownership also means quicker decisions since we don't have to go through several levels of management. We are invested in our community and in its economic future.

Title Experts with Local Market Knowledge

Years of in depth knowledge of local development, subdivisions, easements and land use means less guess work and faster turnaround times. This enables us to navigate through questions and roadblocks which could delay or even stop a transaction. Giving more peace of mind for the Builder, Realtor and of course the Homeowner.

Building Relationships, not Automated Systems

At Capstone, you can talk with a real live person, who is highly experienced in your market. We focus on building personal relationships, while other companies are automating, and moving production out of town and sometimes out of the country. We keep it personal and realize this makes for better accountability and care with your transaction.

Lower Fees & Exceptional Service

It is quite simple, we keep our overhead costs down by focusing on the core business of Title Insurance and not a lot of extra services that add cost. We pass this savings on to the consumer in the way of lower fees. The same Title products coupled with lower fees and exceptional service make Capstone Title the right choice every time!

What is Title Insurance?

Title Insurance is an insurance policy purchased by the seller of a property from a title insurance company when a sale is made. Though paid for by the seller, the coverage goes to the buyer of the property. The premium on the policy is a one-time fee, paid at the time of closing.
The title insurance company searches public records, such as liens, claims, deeds, tax records and maps, to make sure there are no problems in the title's ownership and history for the property you are buying.

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